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I have suffered sinus problems for many years. I have gone to several doctors, specialists and even the dentist to get relief. I do have a return visit with the specialist in Nov. Bro.Mocas prayed for my sinus without me telling him any of my ailments. I have been pain free since Bro.Mocas prayed for me!!!!! I have also had pain on the left side for a long while, as well. My doctor thought that i had fibromyalgia , but only on the left side. Testing has turned up no cause for the pain. Again Bro.Mocas (without telling him) prayed for the pain on the left side. I have not suffered aches or pain since that night. Praise God!!!

Theresa’s Testimony

My name is Leroy MacDonald and on March 18th 2014 i had my 3rd heart attack and the doctors diagnosed that i had an enlarged theoretic aorta with an aneurysm and a tear. The doctors ordered a CT scan for Aug.25th 2014 to see how big everything was and decide what the course of treatment would be. On Aug 15th 2014, Our church had a church revival and the guest Evangelist Brandon Mocas had a healing alter call and i went up and got prayer for a healing on my heart condition in the name of Jesus. Aug.25th 2014, I had my CT scan in the morning and then I had a regular doctors appointment for 1:15 that same day. I told the doctor that i had my CT scan that morning, So the doctor looked it up on his laptop for the results and found it. The results were that there was no tear, no aneurysm, and the theoretic aorta was perfect. God had healed my heart condition on Aug.15th 2014. Praise God! Leroy MacDonald

Leroy’s Testimony

I hadn’t been able to kneel for at least three years , and Bro.Mocas prayed for my knees and now I can kneel with no problem and My left leg grew an inch or so, right before Mavis’s eyes, so cool, PRAISE GOD, THANK YOU JESUS

Cathy’s Testimony

“Through the 22 years of living for the Lord, I have been through many struggles and storms. If it wasn’t for the strength and power of the Lord, I do not know where I would be. I am so thankful for a church that supports each other and works together. God deserves all the praise and glory!!!!”

Years ago we ran out of oil to heat our house so we ordered more oil to be delivered we were told by the oil company that it would not be delivered on that day but we get a receipt in our mail box when it had been delivered. Later that day, after we had been out, I tried the furnace and it worked so we thought they did deliver the oil that same day. Two days later we got a receipt on our door stating they had come by that day and delivered our oil. So for two days God heated our house using an oil furnace with no oil in the tank.

Terry’s Testimony

In April of 2010 I was diagnosed  of breast cancer, on June 14 I had my operation and the doctor took out two lymph nodes.They had cancer in them, three weeks later I had the rest of lymph nodes out. The doctor said I would not be able to lift up my left arm up but I did it from day one. I was to have radiation and chemo, but I never had any, Praise God for that. One year later I was cancer free and today I am still cancer free God is good!

Josephine’s Testimony